Company introduction


                                                           COMPANY PROFILE

        KJU-lighting is consisting of two manufacturers, Dong Guan Keijian-U Lighting & Electric Appliance co.,Ltd and Dong Guan Keijian-U Glass Products Co.,Ltd. 

     Sing Tai Development Co. is their parent company, funded by Hong Kongs Investors.

     Dongguan Keijian-U Lighting& Electric Appliance Co.,ltd is established in 1993. It is one of the largest professional lighting manufacturers that provided LED/SMD light bulbs in Southeast China. The company is located in Guan Dong province, Dong Guan City, Qing Xi Town in China. It is consisted 500 workers included 80-office workers with 58000 square feet of the factory/office space.

Our company goal in this year is to emerge to international market. We would like to provide quality light bulbs tested by standard laboratory test. Our Company would like to provide user-friendly light bulb that are energy efficient and longer life span. We also have another factory, Dong Guan Keijian-U Glass Products Co.,Ltd,It is for manufacturing and recycling glasses. Our glass factory was founded in July 2000 and is located in Qinxi town, Dong Guan City, Guang Dong province, China. It occupies floor area of 5300 square feet. It specializes in research, development, production and sales of various boride silicate glass products. Our factory produced over 50 kinds of boride silicate glass products included lamp cups and other glass product such as microwave plates.


     KJU-lighting currently adopted LED and SMD Technology to produce many LED light bulb series: a variety shape of LED bulbs, glass reflector lamps, fluorescent lighting tubes, holiday lights, halogen lamps with glass reflectors, oven lamps, and other lighting products such as borosilicate glass lamp cupsetc.

KJU-lighting are also invested in many equipment that could provide standard laboratory test, we are trying to ensure our lamps that are professionally made and having a trust relationship with our client. We have Imported LED chip mounted machine,Automatic Spot welding machine for Filament Lamp, a distant light color integrated power system analysis instrument, a lighting surge generator, a professional RoHS/EMC tester, and an automatic LED aging unit productionetc. KJU-lighting are trying to ensure our client could enjoy immediate analysis and following improvement of our light bulbs.


     KJU-lighting are also approved by many international quality tests such as CE, ROHS, NGV and DVE. Those test are ensuring our client could get a European standard product and authorized for the safety. Our lamps have been tested ERP 6000 hours, and those have TUV SGS-CE, LVDetc.

KJU-lighting are also following the LED lights market, we had been supplier for many years to big company such as Osram, Philips, Electrolux and Egloetc.